Morning Tai Chi


Not me but people across the river. I don’t know about you but one  of the things I always associated with China was morning Tai Chi. I think it’s fantastic that they start the day with such a calming exercise. I think that’s one of the reasons that they seem so nice (I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have gotten nothing  but smiles from people).

There is what I believe to be  a hotel directly across the river from us with a large circular area outside the gate. As I was admiring the view I noticed about 10 people doing their Tai Chi exercises.  How amazing would it be to start every day with the sunrise, calming and centering your mind and body with a view of the Pearl River and palm trees to prepare yourself  for a busy day in the third largest city in China? I think there is a Tai Chi group at the apartment complex. I will definitely be checking into that.

I really need to figure out what that building is. It’s the same building that’s in the background of the first photo of Lily’s spot. Last night as I stood admiring the view, I saw a police car (my first sighting of one) followed by a small bus and two cars, all with flashing lights. The small convoy pulled up to the gate which went up automatically to allow all four vehicles in without stopping. I’m thinking it was somebody important. How important I don’t know but certainly more important than I. Although when Ben pulls up to our gate it opens automatically . Based on that thought perhaps the people last night weren’t all that  🙂

As I was rereading this for editing I realized that I spend a lot of time looking at the view. I don’t think that I will ever grow tired of it. It’s beautiful in the morning with the sun coming up and believe me with jet-lag I’ve seen the sunrise at 5:30. It’s pretty at noon with the blue sky and white puffy clouds. Yes, I have seen blue sky and white puffy clouds and very little smog. I think they pulled out the stops to welcome me to GZ. And of course my favorite time to look at the view is at night. I have never seen so many colored lights. There is a small apartment building across the river and even they have colored lights on the balconies of the building. I keep saying that’s why they burn so much coal and create so much pollution, they have to have the electricity to run these light shows!

7:55 AM – 88 degrees


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I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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  1. Karen, I totally get how you feel about the Tai Chi. Asia can be so quaint and welcoming to us hardened westerners. In Japan, most organizations, government, business, educational, etc., start the day with morning group exercise. There is a standard, very Leave It To Beaver, Fifties-ish sounding exercise song that is played over a PA system and all the workers circle up to follow the very sweet and pleasant singing workout instructions. I love it and miss it so!

    You are very lucky and, yes, I am more than a little jealous. 🙂

  2. First, I had absolutely no idea China was so warm! 2nd- you have a driver? How did you get one and can I sign up for that program too? Why is his name Ben? Obviously, it is the English version of his Chinese name.. I am having trouble coming up with Chinese sounds that can be interpreted as “Ben”. You know his real name isn’t even close, and I am sure his family has a field day making fun that he is called that! (watch, “Ben” is probably short for Benjamin) 3rd When I visited San Francisco, there were groups of people doing Tai Chi all over the place in parks, and never once did I look at them and wish it was me! I was happy NOT to be exercising and giving the tourists something to stare at. 4th I am very happy to see Lily made it with no issues. It is amazing how well and quickly she adapts. If it was one of my sister’s cats, you would be reporting on how many places the cat sprayed once arriving and asking for ideas on how to get the cat pee stench out. My sister and husband are taking John and Emily out for dinner tonight, for sushi. And husband John is working late, so I am contemplating not even getting dressed today. Hopefully, it will be late enough that he’ll think I already changed and got ready for bed. Brittany went to California for 10 days to visit her best friend, and is in Vegas right now. Happy to report she won $35.00 playing the slots and cashed out while ahead, just like her mother taught her. 🙂

    • Sue, you never fail to make me laugh. Never. 23 years and you still make me laugh out loud even when it’s 6AM and I’m the only one awake. Well, Anders might be awake now that I’ve laughed out loud. I have a brief post coming that explains Ben’s name. Don’t hold your breath or anything waiting for it cuz it’s not that exciting.

      I think Lily is suffering from jet-lag. I don’t know how an animal that sleeps 23 hours/day could possibly have a difficult time adjusting to a 12-hour time difference but every morning since we’ve been here she’s roaming the apartment (usually back where the bedrooms are) and howling. I guess we’re lucky because today she didn’t start ’til about 5:30. But honestly what difference does it make if her one hour of awake time is off by 12 hours?

      Anders asked me yesterday if I had been out of the complex walking around and discovering the area. I guffawed. Yes, you read that correctly. I told him it was too stinking hot to walk more than the 100 yards to the convenience store (which sells all things American for a minimum of twice the price but it’s so worth it) Yeah, it’s hot and HUMID. I have yet to see our thermometer read less than 85 and I was up at 3AM on Wednesday!

      Thanks for starting my day off with humor. Love ya.

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