EEADPSGP (part 2)


Entry and Exit Administrative Department of Public Security of Guangdong Province (in case you forgot from Tuesday or if you did not read Tuesday’s post)

To be honest yesterday at the EEADPSGP was a bit of a disappointment in the sense that I didn’t really get any good material for my post today. Nothing exciting happened. Nervous K wasn’t nervous, I didn’t sit on a plastic children’s stool, and no one was cooking lunch. For the first time since arriving I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb as this is the place where foreigner’s register. I think there were about 8 floors of offices. It was very professional and is run by the police.  

I was in and out in 15 minutes and I’m still not sure why I had to go. I did not sign my name, I was not asked any questions, and I didn’t pose for any pictures. I guess it was to get a visual that I was indeed who I was claiming to be. The policewoman opened the medical report in front of me!  I bet they do it on purpose and they probably have a hidden camera to judge people’s reactions to seeing it opened. They are very clear in their instructions that the medical report MUST REMAIN SEALED. I was the picture of calm on the outside but inside I was screaming to just let me have a peek. Although now that I think about it I must have had good results because they let me apply for residency.

Not-nervous-today K told me that I should have my passport back by next Wednesday. That gives us a whole day of leeway before I need it for vacation on Friday. I’m not very worried, the Chinese are both efficient and proficient.

So I met a woman I know that was there with her husband. I was sitting and chatting with Ken in the waiting area along with one other person. They were leaving so I stood up to talk to them. As we were talking a policeman came over and motioned for us to sit down. J and I just looked at each other, shrugged, and did as he said. But really, why? Why did we have to sit down when we were 3 people among 5 in a huge waiting area?  I hardly think we were disturbing anyone. I guess he was just keeping the good citizens of Guangdong Province secure in public!

Ben made me laugh so hard but I couldn’t let him see! As we were nearing the bureau he asked me if I had met K. I told him yes. He then asked if I would know him if I saw him. I said that it had been about 5 months since I had seem him and I didn’t think so. I was actually thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to pick K out of the crowd. He then went on to say  that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between Chinese and he thought it would be best if he called K and find out where he was standing so that he could point him out to me!  I’m sorry, I do not mean to offend any of my Asian friends, but it  just struck me as funny that Ben recognizes that it’s not easy to differentiate people’s faces here. Very un-PC of  me I know. The irony is that K  commented on my short hair cut. Yes, he actually remembered that my hair was longer back in April. I felt very sheepish after I just had my little  giggle about not being able to recognize him.

No time and temp as I’m in the middle of supervising about 15 movers and had this scheduled to publish. But I will tell you that we slept with our windows open to a glorious breeze, very unlike the oven door breezes that we’ve had, and it was  72° at 6AM.


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I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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  1. Wow how exciting for you! When I told John where you are going, he was very jealous. We went to the Finger Lakes in NY for like 20 hours for our 25th in June! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    I have added you to my list of favorite reality shows! You even leave us with suspense, like, will the passport arrive in time……. Love it!!!! Thanks so much for all the entertainment

    • If we weren’t living here we probably would only have had a special dinner. I thought you were a year behind us. Happy Belated 25th Anniversary. Not an easy accomplishment any more is it?

    • While I think about you frequently, I unpacked something in my kitchen and had to stop for a moment. Any idea? It was the bee glasses. Made me miss you even more. Thanks for reading my little blog. I have fun doing it. Love ya.

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