Are those two buttons undone?


Most relaxing vacation ever.

Our little slice of heaven

We have had relaxing vacations before, mostly at Emerald Isle, NC but we had the kids with us. Don’t get me wrong, Kiersten and Andrew didn’t make them un-relaxing but there is a certain element of worry with them along. Will they be OK in the water? Will someone get stung by a jellyfish? What are we  going to do today? Don’t get too much sun and yes, you must stand still while I lather you with sunscreen. Anders is a big enough boy that I didn’t have those same concerns. We did what we wanted when we wanted… or not. There was no schedule except for spa treatments. I think the most stress we experienced was deciding which treatment. If you consider that stressful you better get thyself to a spa ASAP! Anders chose a fantastic resort and even better villa for us. We were in the “Honeymoon Villa”. Yep, the honeymoon villa. We were celebrating our 25th.

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married...oh, we did that 25 years ago.

There is a wedding chapel at the resort. There were at least 2 weddings every day.  Most of the participants were Chinese, Taiwanese (Are they Chinese or not? Depends on who you ask.), or Japanese. The chapel overlooking the Indian Ocean was beautiful. The brides and their gowns were gorgeous, the grooms all had nicer hair than the brides, and I’m sure they were all a bit irritated that they couldn’t have the honeymoon villa.  As friends of ours said, we deserved it more than any newlyweds. Hah!

I need to be honest and tell you that we never left the grounds of the resort. Say and think what you want. The main reason is that we were staying at the very southern part of the island and it was remote. The drive from the airport, which is located in the closest town, was a 45 minute drive on very twisty and not-so-great roads. Now that I think about it the most stress we experienced was on the drive to/fro the airport. There are a gazillion people on scooters and mopeds zipping in and out of traffic constantly. I actually saw 4 people on one moped, not motorcycle, moped. They are like bees. They enter and exit the road at any point, pass trucks and other vehicles left and right, and generally try hard to get themselves killed by bigger and badder vehicles. I didn’t look. Getting anywhere would have been a big time commitment. Sure it would have been nice to see other parts of the island but easily could have taken 2 hours one way. We knew other people who were in Bali at the same time and they were farther north than we were and got tired of being in the car to see anything. One day they spent 5 hours getting to and from a biking trip. Anders and I were on a different plan. After a while of not going anywhere it became a bit of a goal. We needed something to strive for after all. So not leaving the resort was what we hoped to “accomplish”. I’m proud to say that we did it! We’re not slackers. 😉

Technically we did leave the resort  for our daily walks to the beach. We walked from the parking lot to the path down to the beach. We were on a cliff and the walk to the beach was interesting. It wasn’t too difficult going down, making the climb back was a little more taxing. The steps were of varying heights, some looked brand new and others looked as if they had been put in 100 years ago, and there weren’t any handrails. You will find that as you get out of the US there aren’t  warnings and things in place to keep you from hurting yourself. Anders always said that everywhere else in the world you have the right to kill yourself.  It was fun to walk by the few cafés, shops, and surfboard repair places as we wound our way down to the water. It is a huge surfing destination and it was fun to WATCH them. There were some outstanding surfers and the people watching was primo. By people watching I mean drooling at tall, gorgeous, tanned, muscular, broad-shouldered, 6-pack abdomened, slim waisted, tattooed, shirtless, hunk-a-licious specimens of the opposite sex. I may be sliding into 51 but I’m not too old to appreciate what God put on this earth! Anders was a bit disappointed though. Poor guy didn’t have the “people” watching experience that I did. Sometimes the cookie doesn’t crumble your way, that’s life.

Another breakfast view

Breakfast view, also beautiful at sunset

Our daily routine was to get up whenever we darn well pleased but we never slept past 7, have a very leisurely breakfast on the sun deck of the restaurant, and return to the villa to take in some early morning sun and schedule a treatment. Depending on the tide we would make our way to the beach and spend several hours shelling (it is a verb) and generally soaking in the surf and sun atmosphere. We found a great café we frequented either for lunch or dinner or both some days. Then it was back to the villa for shade time, naps, reading, and spa.  Dinner was wherever we felt like eating and sunset photos. We had beautiful views  either from our backyard, beach, or restaurant decks.

The temperature and humidity were pleasant. There wasn’t one time when I felt hot. We had some days that were cloudier than others but that is usually a welcome relief on a beach vacation. The cloud cover made for some very beautiful sunset photos. No rain. It was perfect.

When we got to the airport on Saturday we met up with our friends and one of the men sits across from Anders at work. I told him to take a picture because he would never see Anders this relaxed. So he did! I joked that Anders even had 2 buttons unbuttoned on his shirt. THAT’S how relaxed he was.

Garden area in our little slice of heaven

Our pool and cabana, completely private

Hint: if you left-click on the photos you will see a larger version.

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I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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