“Tai tai very good.”


Update: Anders has lost 25 pounds! He just weighed himself. I stand corrected and I stand jealously.

I had been to the “small” fabric market before with my friend D but didn’t buy anything. I had no tailor and no reason  to get fabric. Well D found an outstanding tailor and is having a Tailoring Party Friday night. Yes, it’s just like a Tupperware party. It should be very interesting and we’re looking forward to it. He specializes in men’s pants and since Anders has lost 20 pounds his clothes are hanging on him too. He’s embarrassed at how bad his clothes look. You can get away with shirts but there’s no amount of pulling in the waist with a belt that makes baggy pants look right. Because we’re going to the party this week we needed fabric.

D also found a tailor at the fabric market that makes custom dress shirts for both men and women so she came along with Anders and me to introduce us and help with the process. It was a lot of fun. This particular tailor doesn’t copy clothing you bring in. He has a catalog of styles that he makes and they are beautiful. D had some dress shirts made for her husband’s boss and she showed the finished product to us. They were impeccable. The stripes on the shoulders even match perfectly.

After much discussion and fabric sampling Anders and I each ordered 2 shirts. The nice thing is that we both chose contrasting fabrics for collars, plackets, and cuffs. That’s what you get when you have a tailor, anything you want! The tailor and his wife were very nice. They hardly spoke English but we managed. His wife helped him as well and she offered up her opinion by times and she was spot on.

Two funny things happened when he was measuring me. At one point he was measuring from the top of my shoulder down the front of my chest and he needed the measurement at a, shall I say, delicate women’s area for where to place the darts. He had his wife look at it! I thought that was very respectful to both to me and more importantly to his wife. That impressed me. The second thing was a bit more out of character. He took my bust measurement (didn’t have a problem with that) and my waist measurement. After he wrote both of those down he said while giving Anders the thumbs up sign, “Tai tai very good.” Tai tai is wife in Mandarin. All 5 of us had a good chuckle over that but Anders seemed to puff his chest out a bit. Yep, that’s me dear your trophy wife.  He was quiet, very professional ,and the man couldn’t even look at one of my measurements but he felt the need to comment on my measurements. He was quite the salesman after all. Let’s just say I was glad I’ve lost those 20 pounds. We pick up our shirts next week and like a kid at Christmas I can’t wait.

I also bought material for 4 shirts for $30 for the Friday night tailor with D’s help. Party tailor can copy anything and I can’t wait to see his work. D is really into having clothes made and loves going to the fabric markets. After my one experience yesterday I can see why.  I’ve only seen pictures of D at the big market but it looks like Sam’s Club with walls and walls and stalls and stalls of fabric samples! I may not ever make it to that one, the word overwhelming comes to mind 😉

No more time and temp. Thermometer doesn’t work. I can tell you that it’s the first day that the A/C has been off and the windows open. It’s still about 80-some degrees but the humidity is gone. It feels like heaven here.


About vikarenously

I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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  1. 20 lbs! ahhhh….another benefit of an international move! Good idea to have some new clothes made. Safety pins are just so unsightly, no? A coat to match your outfit (a la MadMen) would be magnifique! ha! 🙂 So glad you and Anders are happy and having fun. Miss you! xotorey

  2. Congratulations to Anders on his most important decision on whom he should marry back more than 25 years ago. I am sure he was well aware of his prize he has in Karen, but it’s always nice when someone from the outside validates your beliefs!

    How is the fabric market not going to put you over the edge???!!! I’m with you, I also hate too many choices while shopping. Let’s think about this. Picking out the fabric for what you will be displaying on your body for the world to see seems to be a much bigger decision than what your creamer looks like! The chances of a lot of people having the opportunity to see your creamer, that you will keep tucked away in a cabinet, unless you 1. they come to your house and 2. you serve them coffee and 3. they like cream in it…..compared to the amount of people that will see you out in public, while wearing the clothing that you, 100 percent, chose everything about it, and judging you on that particular outfit, seems to me to tip the scale. Even if you don’t go out, people can show up at your door and what’s the chances you will have your creamer in hand as you open it? But I will bet my life you don’t open the door unless you are dressed!! (All this is null and void however if you have plans on becoming a hermit.) Now we can get to the part of me bugging the life out of you for pictures of your tailored made clothes. Ever since you told me you would have your clothes made for you, I have been drooling, waiting for any and all details!!! Can you imagine you won’t be seeing that little tag with the size in your pants any more! (I know with your weight loss, a smaller size would be a very agreeable experience at this point, but for the rest of us, get how we are jealous over that fact) I’d keep one thought in mind while getting dressed in the morning- – your new size is “tai tai very good”!

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