First I need to explain that weekend posts will not be a regular feature anymore. I’m just too darn busy out doing things on the weekend so that I can have subjects to blog about during the week. The things I do to keep you entertained! I will occasionally have a weekend post so if you want to make it easy on yourself become a follower and you’ll receive an email notification when there is a new post. It’s simple enough that even I could do it, just click  the “Follow” icon on the toolbar at the top left of the blog.

If you look closely you'll see this post on my laptop!

I had no plans to write today because I have to get my office set up and organized.  I really must go through the stack of mail, papers, files, and junk that has been accumulating since August. I had no place to put anything  until the sea shipment arrived except in one big plastic bin.  This is the first day (I lie) that I’ve had the chance to do it.  Anders is out on his first golfing expedition so I thought I’d use my time wisely.

When out on the lawn  street there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed  office to see what was the matter.
Away to the window terrace I flew like a flash walked very slowly so I didn’t trip,
Tore open the shutters door and threw up the sash my breakfast.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. A truck loaded with bricks made of concrete. The good news is that evidently they are done with the jack-hammering, sledge-hammering, and pounding the floors and walls. I saw a few men and one woman waiting and I wondered how they were going to unload the truck. It’s China so I knew it would involve a lot of physical labor and assumed they had some kind of hod that would allow them to delicately pile up a few bricks at a time and take them off the truck. Nope. The driver just pulled the lever and dumped them on the street and sidewalk. I saw breakage. I guess that the small amount of breaks more than outweighs climbing up and down the truck to unload them.

OK, so now they’re dumped. In this picture they’re being loaded in bags at what  they consider to be a manageable weight to be brought upstairs (they are not allowed to use the elevator and they’re going to the 7th floor). The 3 men are watching THE WOMAN do this. Uh, huh. It’s the woman that’s doing the organizing and managing while the men smoke, spit, observe, and probably tell her how to do it. Nah, they’re just saving their energy because they know what’s in store for them once those bricks are loaded. I also got caught watching this process. I will go to any lengths to report what is happening in China! That’s OK because I’m convinced that the workers already think I’m nuts. I say ni hao to them when we meet up on the stairs or hallway. I’m an American, I say hello to people. It’s what I do.

You’ve seen and read my comments before about these construction/flour sacks.  They were used to haul the debris down and now they’re being used to haul the new materials up. They must be like cockroaches and will survive a nuclear blast.  I have no idea what they’re made of but I think I need to abscond with a few. They seem to be indestructible.

All kidding aside, these last photos brought a tear to my eye. Those bags have 32 concrete bricks. While I don’t know how much they weigh, I think it’s safe to say they are very heavy. They are carting them up 7 flights of stairs. They are probably working for what amounts to a few dollars. It’s Sunday but I’m sure they’re not collecting overtime. I have an immense respect for the Chinese. They are  hard-working people and nothing is too menial. How can anyone not respect the work ethic. The urge to run downstairs and give them a hug is overwhelming.


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I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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