Trip Advisor not necessary, we have D


As you know on Wednesday we are heading to the “north country.” Have I mentioned that it will be cold there? Ben and I were talking about it yesterday and again he told me it will be cold. My Mandarin teacher and I were also talking about it on Thursday because I’ll miss class and she too said, “It’s going to be very cold.” NOTED!

As it turns out I did not need to do any pre-work about places to visit and things to see and do. Anders and I are staying an extra day to enable us to do some exploring together. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do but knew I would come up with something. I should have known that with an admin like D, I wouldn’t even have to think.

She contacted an alum of the university where Anders will be working and asked her to act as our tour guide.  She will be spending Saturday with us showing us the university and sights around the city. I’m also hoping that it includes a lunch at a local restaurant. Seriously. I’m not kidding former neighbor 😉 We did not ask her to do this but being the thoughtful person that she is she took the initiative. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know that she wanted to make sure that we had a positive experience. Who needs Trip Advisor when we have D?  If only she could control the temperature 😉

5PM – 83°


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I am an ex-pat living in Guangzhou, China. I am married to the man of my dreams who has indulged my love of travel by working hard enough to snag two international assignments. Oh yes, I also have two amazing children who accompanied us on our first one to Switzerland and are now mature and responsible adults which makes it so easy for us to experience this adventure as empty-nesters. Experience it vicariously with Karen.

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  1. Does China have winters? I’m thinking that maybe everyone is telling you it’s going to be cold when you head north is because maybe the people think you are used to the incredibly warm conditions GZ has been. So they are just warning you, you may need a coat when the temperature dips into the 60’s. Think that could be a possibility? How cold could it be when they have swimming pools……where no rough housing will be tolerated. 🙂 You need to go by a pool for me and explain what the Chinese proper pool etiquette is exactly, as long as you are bundled up and it isn’t too cold. I can’t wait to hear what “cold” actually is. (watch, it is going to be minus 30 and you are going to wish you took all the warnings more seriously!) What will Ben do while you are gone? (besides watching Lily) Why is Anders working at the university while you are gone? What is he going to do there? have fun!!!

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