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Today I thought I’d bore you with my office. Actually I love it. It doubles as Anders’ dressing room. The wall of closets in our bedroom just wasn’t big enough for both of us so he was relegated to the office closets.

This is furnished on the cheap. The desk, which I LOVE, is a door that I found in our garage in our Cinci house. It was original to the house (1903) and just hanging out in the corner. Every time I pulled into the garage I swore that someday I was going to turn it into a desk. I cleaned it up and ordered a piece of glass for the top. The base is two shelves from Ikea. Add mementos and favorite photos under the glass and Voila! I have a desk. Actually I let Anders share it. (He wanted a map of China on his side.) The storage cubes are from Target, oh how I miss Target.

I love the huge window with the great view of the hotel and the river. It is from here that I usually see the packs of Army men. At the moment I’m watching the sun make a rare appearance. I must stop and enjoy it and perhaps take a photo so I can remember what it looks like. Of course it’s fighting its way through the haze that seems to have settled on GZ and is not giving up its grip easily but the sun is trying valiantly.

3PM – 75°

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  1. I love the desk! What a great idea. It is fun seeing your home, I too was wondering about the height of the microwave, it looks very high up! I love reading your blogs whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, it is always a nice bonus to get an e-mail telling me you have posted. you mentioned you were running out of ideas, it reminds me of when we lived in Germany, and a friend in England was telling me what a romantic life I led. I was thinking, i have 2 small children, same as you, i clean shop, take them places without family support and in a language I speak like a 5 year old (and not a local 5 year old!) I then realized that she was fascinated by just everyday things because they were different to her. So even if you think life is a little mundane at the moment and there is nothing interesting to write about, those of us who are living life “vikarenously” are still fascinated 🙂

    • Hey Kim, I want to thank you for your encouraging words. I guess it’s true too, it is so different here and therefore worth writing about. I also have to remember that the real reason I’m doing this blog is for me. I want to have an account when I leave here that I can look back on. So I guess if anyone gets bored with some of my blogging I’ll tell them to thank you. 🙂

  2. Never have time to comment in the mornings which is why I don’t really do it anymore….but just had to say thanks for the little message on the white board thingy or whatever it is!!!! 😀 Love the desk, office looks beautiful!

    • I loved the message to the kids too! How do you stop the pictures from being a slideshow? I love that Lily is in the pictures. Speaking of pictures, where are all your photo albums? I assume you don’t travel with them. With a family member for safe keeping? I’m sorry to be a pest about the tailored made clothes- but i would really like to see them- being modeled, of course. 🙂 And don’t forget the pearls, also.

      • If you click on the picture ( sometimes takes several attempts) a stop button and forward /back button appears, and you can view the pictures at your leisure!

      • Thanks Kim for answering about the slideshow. I brought my photo albums with me. When I moved to Switzerland the first time I almost left them in storage but I knew I’d want to see them so I crossed my fingers when they packed them up. I did it again for this move. I remember when a friend was moving to Ireland and she asked me for advice on what she should take, I told her photos!!!

        I will post in a few weeks about the tailored clothes, I promise. I only had summer clothes made and they are tucked away. We should be able to drag them in a few weeks. ANders and I went for a walk last night and we both commented on how the air felt warmer even though it was foggy. It was the bone-chilling damp. So…sometime in the couple of weeks. In the meantime I’ll show you my pearls, will that appease you? Of course that has to wait until I’m done with my fabulous series about the apartment.

      • Thank you Kim! I was able to stop the slideshow so I could view everything “properly”. Karen, you made me laugh with “you only had summer clothes made.” Every time I see your thermometer reading it never is below like 65. Sounds like someone who grew up in PA has forgotten what winter really means! Remember when we met you in Disney and it was about 107 degrees and you wore a very cute, stylish, sleeveless sweater, but John couldn’t get past that you had a “sweater on in Florida”? The stories and pictures regarding your apartment are tied with Ben stories as my favorite! Can you upload videos? I’d love it if you took video of the craziness of what it is like for you to shop on the streets. I am probably asking for a lot. I can’t even figure out how to change or add a picture to face book.

      • How could I forget John teasing me about my sweater? He was very funny about it. What can I say, I was delicate then and I’m still delicate 20+ years later.;-) I am so glad you’re enjoying the apartment. I thought it was boring but you’re ths reason I decided to do it. Haven’t you noticed that I do just about anything you ask? (I will do the clothing and pearls in the future). I could tell a Ben story every day until the day we leave. He’s one-of-a-kind! Videos – I’m having trouble uploading videos from my camera and iPhone to the laptop. Don’t know what my issue is but I will figure it out. Getting them onto the blog is easy, I think. I was at One-Link a week and a half ago and the sidewalk and street in front was a madhouse. As soon as I fiugre it out I’ll go just to get a video of that. You’ll laugh and shake your head and wonder why I like it so much.

      • UMMMMMMM, Yes, I do notice you do much of what I ask, EXCEPT-when are you going to McDonald’s?!?!?!?! You set yourself up for that one. Everyone reading these blogs knew I would pounce on that comment! All you have to do is research what kind of meat McDonald’s use and if they replace the chicken and cow, I don’t want you going. It would freak me out I made you eat some random hyena or something. However if they use what I consider “edible” animals, not only do I want you to go, but then I want you to get McDonald’s delivered. French fries aren’t that good just driving a few minutes taking them home. I can’t imagine what condition they would be in after being driven around the streets on a bike. But I am going to need you to “rate your experience” for me. 🙂

    • I knew you would notice. Now it’s a test for Andrew. Let’s see if he really is “the best person in the world.” Glad you like it but you’ll get to see it in person in 4 months!!!

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