Picture day at school


To Anders, Kiersten, Andrew, and Steven: Please don’t take offense to how you look! You know I can’t draw to save my life.

The slideshow is a result of today’s Mandarin class. I have finished the first unit and will have a big test coming up! I feel like I’m back in elementary school. We are reviewing and today’s class centered on family. E incorporated a lot of things I’ve learned into this one lesson with drawings of my family. She’s a fantastic teacher and makes it fun when she can. I have never professed to be a good singer or artist. NEVER! I would definitely be the last person chosen for Pictionary and these pictures prove it. The things that are drawn in red were done by E. (you can tell because they look better than anything I drew) I had to give her directions on what to draw and where. I think it turned out to be a nice family portrait!

I hope to have some great posts next week. Anders and I leave tomorrow for our first Chinese road trip! We are going to Yangshuo which is about 260 miles from GZ and about a 6 hour drive.  Can’t tell you happy Anders is that for once he won’t be doing any driving on a long trip. New experience for him. I keep teasing Ben that I’m going to drive when he gets tired. 😉 We are going with 1/2 of Anders’ team. There will be 15 of us going in our van and 2 other cars. We are scheduled to take a bike tour, boat cruise (by boat I mean a long, wooden dugout), and see an outdoor Chinese opera which has the Yulong River as the backdrop. I just hope the weather cooperates because it’s supposed to rain! I can’t wait to see what this weekend brings.

3PM – 58°

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