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I have so much to write about from this past weekend’s trip that I had to “blog-storm” and then come up with an outline so that I could write about everything we did and ate. It was an all-Chinese food weekend: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I tried everything and there were some hits and some misses.

bee liquor – this is a liquor made with pressed bees. They treat the bees like they do grapes. Then it’s bottled with some un-pressed bees and fermented. Kid you not. Ben, Anders, and I tried it. We were the only ones. Hmmm…wonder why!Truthfully it wasn’t bad. This is the kind of liquor that we were warned about by our Chinese teacher in Cinci before we moved here. She said that when ordering wine you must specify grape wine because you could end up with “anything” wine. The only difference is that we knew what we were drinking, see the photo.

“I don’t know what kind of berry” liquor –  no clue what I actually drank. It wasn’t bad, it tasted a bit like wine with a very strong overtone of vodka. I would drink this before I drank ouzo. I think Ben was testing me by serving me both liquors and I passed with flying colors! 

fresh chicken – as in we chose which one from the coop we would have for lunch. We had this for lunch on Saturday and I will devote an entire post about this experience. It is something I will treasure.

beer fish – all three days and all three tasted different (didn’t like any of them).

beer fish skin – scales and all but you spit out the scales.

taro – had it prepared 2 different ways on 2 different days (didn’t  like either)

Guilin noodles (breakfast item) – YUM! 🙂 We had them Saturday for breakfast with the group. They were so good that the next day when we did breakfast on our own, Anders and I went back for more.

raw sugar cane –  3 guys from our group chose it, and the gardener cut it from the garden, skinned it, and chopped it into pieces about 12 inches long. You just bite off a hunk from the stick, chew the juice out of it, and spit out the pulp. It wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth after we got back to the hotel.  Anders and I had asked Ben about this 2 weekends ago when we were driving through GZ. When we saw it on Saturday he looked at  me and I gave him the nod.  Not a single word was exchanged.

bamboo shoots – bamboo is everywhere, grows like a weed, and why not eat it? It was sautéed and while some of it was bitter (the bigger pieces) the young ones were tender and quite good. 

dried, compressed seaweed – it comes in a sheet, like what  you would make sushi with only I like it in sushi, not by itself. This was a car snack. I made cookies, they brought seaweed!  This probably accounts for the weight difference between Americans and Chinese. 😉

candied apple slices – these were delicious and I could have eaten a whole plate myself. They take apple slices, dip them  into melted sugar (not quite caramelized), and serve it piping hot. You don’t burn your mouth because it’s served with a dish of cold water. You take a piece, dip it in the water, and then it’s cool enough to eat. It was fantastic.

all kinds of candy and brittle – one of the stops we made on the way home had a lot of street vendors selling hard candies made with a lot of things and delicious sweet and savory snacky things. So many people bought things and  had me try a bite. I must have tasted 10 different things and there wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like. Ben bought me a bag of ginger candy that is so good.

lichen/moss – not sure which one it was that we ate botanically speaking but it’s neither here nor there. It was, hands down, the most disgusting thing I ate all weekend but not as bad as the camel meat I had a few weeks ago. It was sautéed in oil with garlic and onions? I don’t know. Once I was told what it was I didn’t want to give it too much thought so I just took some and popped it in my mouth. It tasted exactly as you would imagine.

I checked a few boxes that don’t need to be revisited (lichen/moss and bee liquor) but at least I checked the box. I told Anders not long after moving here that I would say yes to everything as long as it was not dangerous or against my moral code. I can proudly say that I did that this weekend.

PS – no intestinal issues!!!

5PM – 60°

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you soooo much for the Mcdonald’s picture! How cute- the Ronald statue is out front, waving. I so would have taken my picture with my arm around him! P.S. Your food diary sounded completely disgusting. Bees, you ate bumblebees……… However, I couldn’t be more thrilled you do all this stuff. Your life entertains me to the max!

    • OK dear I need to clarify something. I did not eat the bees, just drank the liquor from the pressed bees. Anders has eaten bumblebees though. I thought you needed to know. 😉

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