You know you want to know


I know that you want to know what I’m about to tell you but you’re too polite or too embarrassed to ask. Lucky for you I’m neither. Growing up with 5 brothers and living in China will do that! 🙂

  • What are the bathrooms like? They are hit or miss. Some are clean, some are filthy. They are no different from any country’s public bathrooms in that regard. Some have western toilets but most are squatters. Sometimes stall doors are marked with a representation of a western toilet seat so you can go in there  but this is rare. Personally, I try not to perpetuate the stereotype and therefore avoid being seen going into one marked as such.
  • Have you used a “squatter”? I probably used a squatter at the very first place I had to use the facilities upon arrival last April on our look/see trip.  I have easily used more squatters than not since that time. The only thing you have to be sure to have is TP or tissue. You know how in America you’re surprised (and irritated) if there isn’t any TP left in the dispenser? Here, you’re surprised if you see a dispenser, filled or not! You NEVER, EVER go into one without it because chances are none will be provided. If it is, there is a communal dispenser and you have to remember to check before you enter the stall. Soap is not often provided for washing up afterwards either. There is usually a sink but all you get is water and as your mother told you, “You have to use soap now get back in there and USE SOAP!” So…hand sanitizer is helpful.
  • Have you gotten used to squatters? Squatters are so easy. Really. We make way too big a deal of it. It is what it is. That is one of my mottoes while living here. You get used to. Just imagine what the Chinese think when they come to America and see what we have going on. I bet there is some Chinese ex-pat in America right now that is writing a blog post about American bathrooms and how extravagant they are when really all you need is a hole and a flushing mechanism! Now, having said all that, I do use my own bathroom before I walk out the door and I know where the good bathrooms are at the places we frequent. 😉
  • Is there a line outside women’s bathrooms like everywhere else in the world? Yes. We can send men to the moon, make electricity of wind, and I can “video” chat with my kids for free using the phone and iPad like they were sitting in the same room with me but…no one, not one single person in charge of designing public toilets in the entire world, has figured out that women need more toilets than men!!!
  • Do men’s urinals at Chinese rest stops have jokes above them? YES! Who knew? Anders didn’t and I still wouldn’t know if Anders hadn’t come out of a rest stop bathroom on the way to Yangshuo laughing hysterically. (I was a little worried until he explained and showed me his phone) The women’s bathroom didn’t and I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions about what that says about men and intelligence. It also further proves the point that public bathrooms are designed and built by men!

Today’s slideshow is a 2 sets of photos. The first set is the “urinal” jokes and English translations. They are hilarious! Not because the jokes themselves are funny but the translations are priceless. Anders took about 8 pictures in all but I only posted 3. I wonder what the other people in there thought while he was taking photos?!?!

The second set is the facilities at the farmhouse where we had lunch. I said it was rural and real China. Makes me appreciate how spoiled I am.

Reminder: to stop the slideshow, hover the cursor on the photo and a box will appear surrounded by arrows at the bottom of the photo. Click on the box to stop the show. You have to do this in order to read and fully appreciate the jokes. This is mostly for my dad, just in case he’s reading this. Love ya Dad!!!

5:30 PM – 78°

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  1. I was counting on you! I knew you would say something. AND I’m not messing with your head. I just realized that I totally ruined any chance (slim as it was) of you coming to visit. What if I promised to take you to only the nicest bathrooms? 😉

    • Question on everybody’s mind: Did you USE those bathrooms?! Did you ask Ben to translate the jokes from the Men’s Room? I’d love to know what they really said. Although the translations are a much funnier story.

      • Of course I used the bathrooms. When it’s the only choice…One of the guys in the car with us trasnlated the jokes and you are right. The translations are much, much funnier and way more entertaining.

  2. You knew I would just adore this post! So fascinating!!!!!
    Are you sure all the pictures that you took of “bathrooms” are actual bathrooms? Cuz, I’m not so sure. For instance, the room that looks like a cell block with some rusted pan thing on the floor, What was the giveaway there? Then there was a brick building with straw, a broom and a huge hole in the back wall. Again, bathroom would be my absolute last guess. What is the broom for? What is with the hole in the wall? I see no “flushing mechanism” in either place. I totally disagree with your assessment of the Chinese ex-pat. After using the bathrooms in the U.S. she is blogging how there is no chance she is returning! If indeed you are correct about these places being bathrooms, I need to know where does your bodily excrement’s go when you’re done? Who is in charge of cleaning it up? Like is there another place where you carry it out to and empty it? And don’t you dare say in the vegetable garden!!!! And what’s with the lack of tp? Every female on the planet is in need of that! I have a little project for you while you are there: your husband works for P&G, who manufacturers Charmin, why don’t you SHARE that fabulous invention with China! P.S. It just isn’t your mother who suggests soap, so does the Center for Disease Control and Prevention!!!! I’m thinking you just wanted to mess with my head. You know it’s almost April Fool’s Day and you thought this would get me good! Haha 🙂

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