Life of Pi – according to Google translate


Several months ago we went to the electronic market and purchased a few DVDs. They cost about $1. The following is the synopsis on the case of the movie, Life of Pi. Pretend you’ve never read the book (you really should) or haven’t seen the movie. Would you choose this DVD based on the following?

The story begins in Montreal, also ended in montreal. A seeking inspiration author inadvertently learned that sent – patell legend. Sent father opened a zoo. Due to the special living environment, young party faith and human nature has its own set of views. In 17 years old, his parents decided to family migrated to Canada in pursuit of a better life, and he must leave his lover. In Canada ship, they meet a cruel by nature of the French chef. Later that night at sea, originally to send excited extremely stormy moment became engulfed ship disaster. Pie was miraculously survived, ride a boat in the Pacific drift, but also a most beat all companion — Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. Amazing adventures that accidentally started… …

There are no spelling or grammar typing errors on my part. This is exactly what it says. As I was typing this I realized that as crazy as this is they used its properly. Of course I don’t know to which it they are referring but it does not say it’s.

10:15 PM – 81º

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